Anodizing - Unit model for anodizing of aluminum operates in Alumil. Anodizing is an electrochemical process for the surface treatment of aluminum.

During of this process is created a layer of aluminum oxide which improves durability and appearance. The anodizing process is composed of four basic steps:

•    The preparation of aluminum
•    Anodizing
•    Tinting (if required) and
•    Sealing.

Anodizing is difficult to compare with any other surface treatment of aluminum because the products after anodizing acquire special endurance, beyond their metallic appearance, rendered ideal for use in strained environment (eg environment with high pollutants, coastal areas, etc.).

Alumil, being well aware of the modern architectural trends which place emphasis on the aesthetics of aluminium for exterior/ interior applications, and sensing the market’s need for an enhanced service quality towards its clients, has invested in the largest, fully automated anodizing plant in Europe.
The ultramodern unit has 70baths yielding a production potential of up to 650m2/hr of clear anodized surface per hour @ 15mm.
Additional features and advantages which constitute the uniqueness of Alumil’s anodizing plant are:
•    Wide variety of surface treatments for different metallic finishes: Shinny, matt, satin, sandblasted, linear / directional brushing
•    Independent electrochemical polishing production line. This line can offer a wide variety of extremely shiny or semi gloss finishes
•    Full range of electro-colors, which cover for all the current market trends while allowing for integration of future new colorings and shades which can be developed according to and in collaboration with client needs
•    Inox look finishes
•    Variety in organic colors( gold, black, green, red, blue)
•    Combination of all of the above client of custom made to order finishes.
•    Fully automated production line with an integrated monitoring of all sequential production steps and parameters.
•    “Green” management: vapor free environmental conditions, 80% water recycling, energy saving, full waste treatment and recuperation, excellent personnel safety monitoring and conditions.

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