Architectural Systems are ALUMIL's dominating product group. They are designed for every architectural application, such as doors, windows, facades (Curtain walls), atriums, mullions of offices e.t.c, and cover all needs.
ALUMIL allocates 48 different architectural aluminium systems for every application, need and demand, as well as 18 special applications.
ALUMIL's aluminium systems are distinguished for constructional perfection, modern planning, and endurance, while they offer high aesthetics and functionality. Also, compatibility allows various combinations.
According to specifications of internationally recognized organisms emphasis has been given on quality guarantee of final products, product certifications and production process.
ALUMIL's R&D department designs, studies and evolves many new products. Afterwards these products are sent to international institutes in order to be controlled and certified (e.g. IFT Rosenheim).
Aluminium systems of ALUMIL are choices for life, with low level needs for maintenance, while in case of frames replacement they are completely recyclable, thus acting in the protection of the environment.

Surface treatments

ALUMIL, the largest aluminum extrusion company in Greece and Southeast Europe, provides unlimited choices in surface treatment of aluminum. The aluminum intended for architectural applications surface treatments in order, on the one hand to improve the anticorrosion behavior, and on the other to achieve the desired appearance and coloration in order to serve the decorative requirements of architectural and construction applications.

Sliding Systems

Sliding systems are mainly developed for constructions with space restrictions since they can be easily installed in limited spaces.They offer a wide range of modern designs and a cost-efficient solution. Their unique characteristics include: functionality in limited space, single or double glazing,fly screen,blind and external rolling shutter can be applied. Are offered in all variations (Sliding Pocket Construction,Sliding By Pass Construction or Sliding and By Pass).

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Industrial Aluminium Profile

Industrial profile business unit is one of the main reasons that makes Alumil a pioneer in the field of aluminium. The Division of Research and Development of Alumil is staffed by a well - expertised team of engineers who is responsible the designing, the development and the integration of the products to the production process by satisfying its most demanding clients.

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Hinged systems

They offer insulation, safety and high design. Holds the largest market share. Placed in houses, buildings and condominiums. Offered in single rows, but also with thermal breaks.

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Complementary products

Alumil architectural systems (doors, windows) are complemented by a wide range of special products, which follow the high standards of the company as well. The complementary products cover all needs and offer complete solutions to customers, and at the same time they add value to the final construction.

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Curtain walls and Atriums

Thanks to high technical expertise and experience of the Research & Development department, Alumil offers a full range of advanced systems for facades with various curtain wall systems for every application, desire and choice, which meet the requirements of the most demanding projects worldwide.

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